Saturday, February 6, 2010

Long distance test ride...

Well, what is the first thing you would do? Get out and drive right? I showed it off to some friends down the hill. This thing is not going to get it done with san diego hills -- not enough torque... Get about 2 miles from home, and blammy, the cranks lock up -- a chain tube came loose and jammed up the rear chain tensioner -- no problem, head home electric only -- until the 15% grade that I live on arrives whereupon I get out and push up the hill while running the throttle. Fix chain tube and leave again to find that the chain keeps jumping off the internal mid drive point. After three attempts to reset, I decide to actually look at what is going on. One link has been completely thrashed by improper use of a chain tool. Remove offending links and we're off again only to find that the total distance I can drive is 10 miles -- off to diagnose another problem....

New axles and wheels.

Okay, I got the new axles and wheels in Ashley at did a fantastic job -- I'd recommend him for any custom bike work you wanted done. The axle is 20mm stainless. One end is male threaded 16mm 2.0, the other side accepts a bolt to retain the wheel. That's 12mm 1.5 threading. I used loctite red to help keep it in place.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Wiper

My new wiper arrived today. Of course, the wiring to connect it was too short so I had to extend it and put a bit of conduit around that, and the model appears to be a bit different than the original, so I had to drill a hole in the canopy for the stabilizing point. Then it was too tall after installing it.

A quick visit to the vice and hacksaw where it might have appeared that I cut the wiper too short....

The final result was pretty clean, but I still have a small hole to cover. I'm thinking I'll find a black rubber piece and cut to shape and cover it. Also, I feel I might need a nut and a washer over the stabilizing point for the wiper.